Services provided by the offices of Assistant Commissioners

  1. Registering all kind of cooperative societies which have fulfilled the qualifications and making requests as covering the relevant district as the jurisdiction.
  2. Supervision and regulation of registered societies.
  3. Conducting statutory audit at the end of the accounting year of the societies.
  4. Providing required recommendations and information to the Commissioner of Cooperative Development (W.P.) to liquidize inactive societies.
  5. Revising by-laws, working orders of cooperative societies and functional rules of rural banks.
  6. Granting necessary approvals for acquisition, renting out, hiring out and disposal of fixed assets and movable assets of co-operative societies or giving necessary recommendations to the Commissioner of Co-operative Development (W.P.), when exceeding the financial value.
  7. Approving development projects of the cooperative societies and providing required recommendations if receiving financial aids and follow-up activities of those projects.
  8. Calling general meetings, committee meetings and director board meetings of cooperative societies according to the discretion of the Assistant Commissioner and giving instructions.
  9. Directing elections of cooperative societies and function to select director boards and committees by it.
  10. Providing recommendations and confidential reports required to appoint director boards to the Commissioner.
  11. Accepting and examining all loan disputes of cooperative societies for arbitration.
  12. Court empowering referee decisions on unrecovered sums according to the requests of the societies and recovering sums for the societies.
  13. Function as a mediator in the disputes arisen in between cooperative societies and other parties.
  14. Conducting inquiries on petitions forwarded with regard to the cooperative societies presenting conclusions and recommendations and taking necessary advance actions.
  15. Giving approval to divide remaining profits of cooperative societies.
  16. Collecting and analyzing statistics and information related to the cooperative societies and provide them for required institutions.
  17. Planning and organizing training programmes required for employees, committee members and director board of cooperative societies.
  18. Preparing employee man power assessments of cooperative societies and providing recommendations required to approve it.
  19. Giving approval for cooperative societies for recruitment of employees.
  20. Obtaining recommendations for leaving country and foreign leaves of the director board or staff of the cooperative societies.
  21. Annual, semiannual and sudden stock taking of cooperative societies as required.
  22. Obtaining recommendations to get approval for financial investments of cooperative societies.
  23. Certifying modal signature cards for bank accounts as the need of the cooperative societies.
  24. Giving recommendations needed in long term loans, overdraft loan facilities for the societies as required.
  25. Conducting sudden investigations with regard to cooperative societies and carrying out advance measures according the facts revealed.
  26. Reviewing monthly F 28 operation report of multi-purpose cooperative societies and giving instructions to correct mistakes.
  27. Collecting price information of the commercial goods purchased on monthly basis by multi-purpose cooperative societies and operating a regular purchasing system by price committees.
  28. Providing information requested by the public with regard to the functions of the offices of Assistant Commissioners.